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Cone beam CT is a revolutionary imaging technology for dentistry.

However with the increased use of CBCT, dental practitioners are exposed to increased medical legal risks from missing significant pathology such as cancer in the head and neck region.

Do you want to focus on the dentistry and not waste time worrying about other things that just happen to be included in your images ?

Are you confident you have diagnosed everything on a CBCT?

Are you concerned about your medicolegal exposure whenever you take a CBCT?

Having spoken with dentists across Australia, the common theme is that dentists love CBCT for treatment planning but nobody wants to spend time or risk the medicolegal responsibility to write a full report.

Most dental practices charge over 200 dollars to take a CBCT, let alone thousands of dollars of treatments that the imaging enables. For a fraction of the cost to take the CBCT, we can take care of the reporting, saving you time, uncertainty and allowing you to provide comprehensive patient care.

Here at ACT DENTAL IMAGING, we feel your time is precious and should be reserved to doing what you are best at – treating your patient.


Non-Dental CBCT reporting ($100 AUD + GST per study)

Standard turnover: up to 5 business days

We know you are a dental expert. No need to re-invent the wheel. With this service, we will report on any medically significant pathologies and make any appropriate recommendations. You don’t pay for things you already know and you sleep easier at night.

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For express service? Sometimes time is of the essence, we can return a report within 24 hours for additional $50 + GST.


  • Submit your study here.
  • Fill in your practice details, patient name and clinical details on the online form.
  • The CBCT images must be in DICOM format. Please compress the entire study folder into one ZIP file and upload via the portal provided.
  • Proceed to payment platform and follow payment instructions.
  • We will be notified automatically and have access to the study once it is uploaded. You do not need to contact us.
  • Our specialist radiologist will review the study and we will email the report to you upon completion (standard up to 5 business days).

Our Team

Dr Shyam Sankaran


Dr Sankaran is a highly trained imaging specialist in both diagnostic radiology and nuclear medicine. He completed his radiology training in New Zealand, and further advanced subspecialist training in nuclear medicine in Victoria at the prestigious Alfred and Monash Medical Centre. His areas of interest include hybrid imaging, oncological imaging, musculoskeletal imaging and head&neck radiology. Dr Sankaran currently holds public and private appointment at GCUH and South Coast Radiology, and works in close collaboration with his dental colleagues to offer expert imaging and clinical advice.

Dr Acrane Li


Dr Li is a dual trained radiology and nuclear medicine imaging specialist with subspecialty interests in body, molecular, oncology and head and neck imaging. He undertook his radiology training in Auckland, New Zealand, and completed advanced nuclear medicine training in Melbourne at the prestigious Alfred and Monash Medical Centre. He works extensively across major private radiology providers including IMED, Everlight and QXR. Dr Li has both a long term professional and personal relationship with his dental colleagues, providing highly specialized dental imaging consultation.

Dr Tony Liu and Dr Chu Ying Tan

Tony and Chu are both dentists who run a successful dental practice in Melbourne.

The idea of this Oral Radiology service was born when Dr Tan started seeing the exponential number of enquiries about CBCT reporting by dentists. After some research, it is apparent that most dentists are exceptional at diagnosing dental pathology but at the same time they want to ensure life threatening pathologies are not missed in the studies.

As busy dentists and practice owners, they know that most productive dentists do not want to spend hours going through the slices of scans after work to report on it. Time is better spent on delivering the treatment required such as implants/ surgery/ endodontics etc. It is logical to engage with professional radiologists for a small fraction of the fee of the treatment package and achieve a peace of mind and better health outcome.

“Our MISSION is to provide an efficient CBCT reporting service that gives you a peace of mind and to gain precious time for the more important things in life” – Dr Tony Liu and Chu Ying Tan


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